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Borehole Strainmeter Access & Data Tools

Data Access

The PBO BSM Betwork contains 74 borehole strainmeters. A list of borehole strainmeter stations including links to data at NCEDC (bottle, SEED), IRIS DMC (bottle, SEED), and UNAVCO (bottle, ASCII); geophysical logging; processed data (XML, ASCII); station notes (.pdf); and time series plots can be accessed via the straimeter data products page.

Strainmeter Products Summary (PDF)

Data Tools

PBO bottle format

How are data downsampled by the GTSM21 data logger?

Level 2 XML format

SEED manual, version 2.4

Reading SEED files

miniSEED reader

Access SEED data via the NCEDC or IRIS DMC websites

NCEDC Plate Boundary Observatory Strain Data

EarthScope Data at the IRIS DMC

PBO SEED channel codes

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