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Derived Data Products

Derived products (also referred to as Level 2 Products) are created from raw data and other lower level products such as RINEX. Please see our Data Products definitions at UNAVCO.

The GAGE GPS Analysis Centers (AC’s) at New Mexico Tech and Central Washington University, and the GAGE GPS Analysis Center Coordinator (ACC) at MIT, analyze data and generate products from more than 2,000 GPS stations in the PBO, COCONet and SCIGN networks as well as NGS CORS and other regional stations in middle and eastern North America.

GAGE GPS data products are available by FTP from ftp://data-out.unavco.org/pub/products. Links to information and resources about these products are provided below. Direct links to specific products are also provided below.

Analysis Information and Resources


Processing Files

The following ZIP/tar files include all the processing files currently used by the ACC/AC’s to generate GAGE GPS data products.

Technical Reports

Quarterly technical reports describing GAGE GPS analysis activities are provided by the Analysis Center Coordinator at MIT. These reports summarize statistics for all stations analyzed during the period as well as processing notes, station offsets, etc.




Links to Products

GPS Station Coordinates

IGS08 and NAM08 station coordinates are provided with daily updated geographical and XYZ coordinates for all GAGE-processed sites, which includes the PBO network.

GPS Position Timeseries Graphs and CSV Data files

GPS Station Velocity Estimates

IGS08 and NAM08 station velocity estimates provide long-term velocity estimates for all GAGE-processed sites including the PBO, COCONet, and SCIGN networks. These velocity files are updated approximately once per year, most recently in December 2015.

NAM08 [kmz] station velocities for GAGE-processed sites.

GPS Velocity Viewer

GPS Position Timeseries Graphs and CSV Data files

User Notices and Advisories

GAGE GPS AC Products Log

GAGE GPS Products Technical News (Google Plus)

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