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Getting and running 3d~def | 3D~Def Guide

Getting 3d~def, version 2.1 November 2004.

The standard source code may be downloaded here.

You should receive a tar file that you can untar manually (tar -xvf 3ddef.tar) or use a commercial package such as Stuffit or Winzip.

The files within the 3ddefcodes are:

  • 3dmain.f
  • okada_sub.f
  • vector_output.f
  • xyz_output.f
  • allocatable_arrays.f
  • parameters.f
  • plus all the object and mod files derived from a compile on a Solaris unix box.
  • input - this is an example input file that works.
  • makefile - this is a makefile (!) that also works and set up for F90.
  • 3d* - this is the executable.
  • manual - in some form(s) or another (and remember too that the manual is available via the online guide to 3d~def).

Running 3d~def

Make an input file (see the tutorial and manual), type 3d and you will be prompted for the name of the input file. The rest should be history.

Note that in an older version of 3ddef, you were required to limit the array size with parameter settings inside This is no longer required; Joan Gomberg has since made the array allocation dynamic and you are limited now only by the size of your memory and problem.

To compile on most standard unix systems, simply type 'make' and the object and executable files will be created in the same directory as the source codes.

If you have any problems, please let one of us know: Mike Ellis ( or Joan Gomberg (


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