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29 Jul 2021

July 28, 2021 M 8.2 Alaska Earthquake

At 6:15:47 (UTC) on July 28, a magnitude 8.2 earthquake occurred southeast of Perryville and Chignik, off the coast of the Alaska Peninsula. The event occurred within the footprint of the Network of the Americas (NOTA), a network of continuous GPS/GNSS stations and borehole instruments operated by UNAVCO that monitors plate motion and transient deformation.

20 Jul 2021

July 8, 2021 M 6.0 Antelope Valley, CA Earthquake

At 22:49:48 (UTC) on July 8, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred in Antelope Valley, CA along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, generating felt shaking across a wide area.

21 Jun 2021

June 5, 2021 M 5.3 Calipatria, CA Earthquake

At 17:55:58 (UTC) on June 5, a magnitude 5.3 earthquake 11 kilometers west of Calipatria, California started a swarm of events in the area. The swarm is associated with the Westmorland Fault and the step-over fault system between the San Jacinto and San Andreas faults.

4 Jun 2021

May 31, 2021 M 6.1 Chickaloon, Alaska Earthquake

At 6:59:54 (UTC) on May 31, 2021 there was a magnitude 6.1 earthquake with an epicenter 73 kilometers north of Chickaloon, Alaska (and 161 kilometers northeast of Anchorage). UNAVCO staff have assessed nearby GPS/GNSS stations for data availability and archived 1 Hz and 5 Hz data where possible for access via our data portals.

28 Apr 2021

April 2021 eruption of Soufrière St. Vincent

Following several months of elevated activity—including the appearance and growth of a new lava dome—Soufrière St. Vincent started an explosive phase of eruptions on April 9.

10 Mar 2021

February 27, 2021 M 5.3 Point MacKenzie, Alaska Earthquake

At 18:59:25 UTC on Saturday, February 27, an earthquake occurred with an epicenter just across the Knik Arm of Cook Inlet from Anchorage, Alaska, where light to moderate shaking was felt. A tsunami warning was not issued for this event.

19 Oct 2020

Event Response to the October 19, 2020 M 7.6 Sand Point, Alaska Earthquake

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake occurred on October 19, 2020 southeast of Sand Point, Alaska. This is within the footprint of the Network of the Americas (NOTA) GNSS network operated by UNAVCO. The earthquake prompted tsunami warnings in communities across coastal Alaska and caused damage in and around Sand Point.

22 Jul 2020

Event Response to the July 22, 2020 M 7.8 Simeonof, Alaska Earthquake

The Simeonof M7.8 earthquake occurred on July 22, 2020 near the mostly uninhabited Shumagin Islands. The earthquake ruptured a portion of the Aleutian subduction zone that has not hosted an earthquake in over 100 years. Shaking was felt as far as 500 miles from the epicenter. No significant damage was reported.

24 Jun 2020

Event Response to the June 24, 2020 M 5.8 Earthquake 18km SSE of Lone Pine, CA

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred at 17:40:49 UTC (10:40:49 local) on June 24, 2020, 18 km SSE of Lone Pine, California. For more information, see the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program event page.

5 Jul 2019

Event Response to the July 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake Sequence

The July 2019 Ridgecrest earthquakes occurred in southern California not far from the city of Ridgecrest. Approximately 30 million people felt the mainshock. The GAGE facility has instrumentation in the footprint of the earthquake series and curated data to be used for scientific investigation.