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Ready to Engage: Selling Yourself at GSA 2018 and Beyond, for Students - GSA 2018

Course date and time: Saturday, 3 November, 2:00pm-4:00pm
Course location: GSA Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN
Course instructors: Beth Bartel, UNAVCO; Wendy Bohon, IRIS
Number of participants: 12

Goal: Give student attendees the skills and confidence to effectively network during the GSA Annual Meeting.

UNAVCO and IRIS led a two-hour short course sponsored by the GSA Geology & Society Division. The short course began with an interactive presentation and discussion. Although no slides were used, the presentation and discussion followed the following slide deck.

Following the presentation and discussion, participants used the following worksheets to develop and then practice elevator speeches.

The following worksheet was made available for participants interested in tips on poster presentations:


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