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Borehole Strainmeter Data Plots

Station \' DATA.PNUM \'

1 Day Raw   7 Day Raw   30 Day Raw   All Raw   Spectrograms   7 Day Processed   30 Day Processed   Environmental   State of Health

1 Day Raw\'   DATA.PNUM   \'.raw.1.png

7 Day Raw\'   DATA.PNUM   \'.raw.png

30 Day Raw\'   DATA.PNUM   \'.raw.30.png

All Raw\'   DATA.PNUM   \'.raw.all.png

Spectrograms\'   DATA.PNUM   \'.01.specgram.png

7 Day Processed\'   DATA.PNUM   \'.processed.png

30 Day Processed\'   DATA.PNUM   \'.processed.30.png

Environmental\'   DATA.PNUM   \'.environmental.png

State of Health\'   DATA.PNUM   \'.soh.png


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