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Workshop Overview | Synthetic Aperture Radar Literacy and Training Workshop

Workshop Overview

  • Dates: Monday October 22 - Wednesday October 24, 2018
  • Location: Denver, CO - Westin Denver International Airport
  • Times: 9 am Monday October 22 through noon on Wednesday October 24
  • Workshop Convenors: Rowena Lohman (Cornell University) and Franz Meyer (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
  • Workshop Sponsors: NASA, UNAVCO
Artist concept of the NASA-ISRO synthetic aperture radar (NISAR) satellite in orbit. (NASA Public Domain image)



The upcoming NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission has the potential to revolutionize SAR data. The free and open catalogue of regular, reliable repeat observations at L-band will be first of its kind, making the mission attractive to a new set of users. However, the complexities of working with SAR data as well as the sheer volume of data that users will need to manage may prove a hurdle to widespread use unless actions are taken to link new (and continuing) users with useful tools for data analysis. This workshop brings together leaders in SAR fields to develop recommendations for the next generation of SAR/InSAR literacy training.


  • Assess the status and effectiveness of current training and public awareness efforts

  • Promote appreciation of the value of sustained SAR/InSAR observations

  • Identify the key constituencies and their needs

  • Identify gaps in existing educational material, instructional methods, and tools

  • Identify key hurdles to the use of InSAR/SAR as well as emerging opportunities (cloud computing, etc.)


Attendance is by invitation only.


Please contact Rowena Lohman




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