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Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) Data

The standard TLS data deliverable provided by GAGE to supported researchers is a merged, aligned, georeferenced point cloud dataset. The point cloud is the basis for additional processing and analysis such as surface modeling (e.g., the generation of digital elevation models) and change detection comparisons between repeat surveys. GAGE does not generate higher-level data products for PIs or students. In order to facilitate data processing and analysis by our community, GAGE maintains a software license server that enables community access to a variety of lidar and geospatial software packages.

See our video about Open Access Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data at GAGE for a general overview of TLS Data available at GAGE.

Consistent with GAGE's Data Policy, all TLS data collected with GAGE instruments must be made accessible. These data products and other project materials are available at the GAGE TLS data archive.

A limited number of TLS datasets, some collected by GAGE, are also available at OpenTopography.

TLS Data Products

As defined in Charting the Future of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) in the Earth Sciences and Related Fields workshop report:

0 Raw sensor data (typically in proprietary file format), for each of the instruments used in TLS data collection, e.g., laser scanner, GPS, camera
1 Sensor data in open format with metadata; Level 1 data typically represent a single scan from a single scan position
2 Merged, aligned point cloud (with or without georeferencing) in open format; Level 2 data typically represent all relevant scans from a project including multiple scans and scan positions
3 Higher-level data products derived from the L2 data; includes classified and filtered point clouds, surface models (e.g., DEMs) and derivatives
4 Final results; includes models, technical interpretations, and publications

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