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Polar Networks - Network Monitoring

UNAVCO Polar Services installs, maintains, and operates several networks of continuous GPS/GNSS stations including the Polar Earth Observing Network (POLENET) in Antarctica(ANET) and Greenland (GNET), Larsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctica (LARISSA), and other networked stations in both the Arctic and Antarctic. These networks of GPS/GNSS stations improve geophysical observations across the Earth's polar regions and provide a legacy of observational infrastructure to enable new insights into the interaction between the atmosphere, oceans, polar ice sheets and the Earth's crust and mantle. Network monitoring tools are provided here to provide state of health (SOH) information to our engineers, principal investigators, and the public at large.

Networks with Station Meta Data

Station meta data for polar stations are maintained by UNAVCO engineers and stored within a database through a tool known as MDM. Additionally, some meta data is extracted from files generated by equipment located at the station. All meta data displayed within the station pages for polar networks is retrieved from this production database.

Other tools for monitoring polar sites


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