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Methods for Estimating Western US GPS Velocity Field

May 12, 2009
EarthScope National Meeting, Centre on the Grove - Boise, Idaho - Snake River Conference Room

The purpose of this half-day workshop is to present and discuss methods for determining a GPS velocity field that unifies all available campaign and continuous GPS into a single solution with a common reference frame. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to create such a unified velocity field and make it widely available through UNAVCO for research in active tectonics and earthquake mechanics and application to natural hazards and precise geodetic positioning. The workshop format will permit a small number of invited presentations, breakout groups to consider particular technical issues, and sufficient time for extended discussion. The expected output is a series of recommendations for further research, public archiving of raw data and velocity products, and candidate methodologies for producing first general velocity fields for the western US. For more information, please contact the conveners.

Conveners: Wayne Thatcher (USGS), Tom Herring (MIT), Chuck Meertens (UNAVCO)

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