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Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for GAGE Datasets

The GAGE Facility has implemented a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) assignment mechanism for suitably-archived, publishable datasets (including GPS/GNSS, TLS, and SAR data and products) in the GAGE Archive. The primary goal of GAGE's DOI process is to publish archived datasets using an accepted standard and to facilitate dataset citation in publications using data obtained from GAGE. We believe that the ability to cite datasets using DOIs will encourage ethical use of the free and open data in the GAGE Archive, as described in the Pritchard et al. (2012) Eos article on open access to geophysical datasets and will facilitate data citation as envisioned by the NSF Geoscience Directorate. In addition to fostering data citation, DOIs are useful for accessing specific datasets or versions of datasets, and for tracking provenance.

Dataset DOI Search

Community contributors of datasets in the GAGE Archive and others can view the DOI information for published GNSS datasets through our Dataset DOI Search.

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  1. DOIs for our SAR and imaging holdings are not presently available via this search. Find InSAR and Lidar/SfM imaging data products.
  2. Users of data from the GAGE Facility Archive should familiarize themselves with the material in the Related Links in the left side bar.


The DOI system for datasets works analogously to the system for journal articles. For data, the DOI is a persistent identifier (e.g. for the digital dataset. It provides a globally unique, web compatible, alphanumeric string that allows access to dataset metadata and the digital data. Integral to the functioning of this persistent identifier is the associated citation summary web page maintained by the dataset publisher. GAGE, as the dataset publisher, maintains the citation summary page referenced by each GAGE DOI. This page provides the user community with a basic citation and related metadata plus a link to the data and the observational metadata. If the URL for this page must be migrated at GAGE, or other DOI metadata changes, GAGE updates the URL and/or metadata within the DOI system; the overall system ensures that the DOI continues to lead the user to the correct page, and the identifier remains meaningful through time.

As a DataCite Allocating Member, our assignment mechanism utilizes and follows the standards and practices for DOI minting at DataCite, an international consortium dedicated to helping researchers find, access, and reuse data. DataCite in turn utilizes the resolver services from the International DOI Foundation ( Each publishable dataset in the GAGE Archive has had (or shortly will have) a DOI minted using this mechanism. (The term "publishable dataset" is further explained in the FAQ section.)

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