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GPS/GNSS Observations Dataset
DOI: https://doi.org/10.7283/T55X278X
Title: Helheim Glacier, SE Greenland: Networks of Sensors 2013
Authors: Tavi Murray, Stuart Edwards, Tim O'Farrell, Nick Selmes, Ian Martin, Alistair Everett, Robin Aspey, Timothy D. James
Published: 2015
Publisher: UNAVCO, Inc.
Description: GPS/GNSS campaign: Short-term occupations at multiple locations (Closed: No longer collecting data)
Date Range: 2013-07-24 through 2013-08-14
Citation: Murray, Tavi, Edwards, Stuart, O'Farrell, Tim, Selmes, Nick, Martin, Ian, Everett, Alistair, Aspey, Robin, James, Timothy D., 2015, Helheim Glacier, SE Greenland: Networks of Sensors 2013, UNAVCO, Inc., GPS/GNSS Observations Dataset, https://doi.org/10.7283/T55X278X.
Release Notes: Site information/observing periods for GPS data recorded as part of the project: "Networks of Sensors in Extreme Environments: High-Resolution Glacier Dynamic Monitoring, Helheim Glacier, SE Greenland. When using these data please contact Stuart Edwards or Tavi Murray for citation details or further information about these data files.
Related Publications:

Martin, I., O'Farrell, T., Aspey, R., Edwards, S.J., James, T., Loskot, P. Murray, T., Rutt, I., Selmes, N., Bauge, T., A high-resolution sensor network for monitoring glacier dynamics, IEEE Sensors Journal, 14(11), 3926-3931, 10.1109/JSEN.2014.2348534, 2014.

Murray, T., Selmes, N., James, T.D., Edwards, S. Martin, I., O'Farrell, T., Aspey, R., Rutt, I., Nettles, M., Bauge, T. Dynamics of glacier calving at the ungrounded margin of Helheim Glacier, south-east Greenland, Journal of Geophysical Research, Earth Surface, 120, 964-982, 10.1002/2015JF003531, 2015.

Murray, T., Nettles, M., Selmes, N., Cathles, M., Burton, J., James, T.D., Edwards, S., Martin, I., O'Farrell, T., Aspey, R., Rutt, I. and Bauge, T. Reverse glacier motion during iceberg calving and the cause of glacier earthquakes, Science, 349(6245), 305-308, 10.1126/science.aab0460, 2015.

Data Availability: Available by request
Data Access: Request data
Spatial Coverage: Point(s) (Lat Lon): 66.3502 -38.1983, 66.3535 -38.1752, 66.3611 -38.1711, 66.3615 -38.1973, 66.3625 -38.1551, 66.3627 -38.1793, 66.3655 -38.1678, 66.3666 -38.2116, 66.3670 -38.1873, 66.3706 -38.2089, 66.3714 -38.2285, 66.3714 -38.1532, 66.3743 -38.1718, 66.3745 -38.1945, 66.3772 -38.2145, 66.3806 -38.1512, 66.3874 -38.2045, 66.4007 -38.2140
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