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GPS Data Processing Using GAMIT/GLOBK and TRACK

January 9-13, 2012
Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Montserrat, West Indies

Course Materials

This workshop will include both static and kinematic processing of GPS data with an emphasis on regional tectonics and volcano monitoring. It will include lectures and one-on-one tutoring of both continuous and survey-mode measurements; defining, global, regional, and local reference frames; temporal and spatial filtering of time series; modeling tropospheric, antenna, and loading effects in height estimates; combining solutions to estimate post-seismic and long-term crustal deformation; handling step-displacements due to earthquakes and instrument changes; developing an error model for velocity estimates, and high-rate GPS for seismic surface waves. Participants will be expected to have exercised the software on their own before the workshop and should bring laptops with the software installed or with remote access to their own labs.

To register send an email to Dr Henry Odbert
Instructor: Tom Herring, MIT


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