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Terrestrial Laser Scanning (Ground based LiDAR) Methods and Applications in Geologic Research & Education

October 8, 2011
Minneapolis, MN (GSA)
Taught as part of the Geological Society of America (GSA) short courses.

This workshop will provide faculty, students and professionals with the basic principles of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS), a.k.a. ground‐based LiDAR, workflows and best practices for the acquisition and processing of TLS data, an overview of various TLS platforms, and examples of science and education applications. This 1‐day workshop will consist of lectures and hands‐on application of TLS equipment and data processing. TLS provides very high‐resolution images over relatively small areas, is relatively inexpensive to acquire, and has been used successfully to support a wide range of geoscience investigations from outcrop mapping to deformation monitoring. Limited financial support is available for students

Paul Rosen, JPL; Eric Fielding, JPL; and Matthew Pritchard, Cornell University



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