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Getting Started with PBO Strainmeter Data

August 25 - 27, 2010
UNAVCO, 6350 Nautilus Drive, Boulder, Colorado

Course will begin at 9 am on Wednesday, August 25th and will end at noon on Friday, August 27th.

Course Materials

PBO strainmeters provide better strain resolution than GPS and can record strain transients at periods much longer than broadband seismometers. This workshop will begin with the basic concepts of strain and give a background in instrumentation for monitoring crustal deformation. This is a hands-on course. Topics covered will include, retrieving and plotting strain data, assessing strainmeter data quality, borehole strainmeter calibration, tidal analysis and prediction of tidal time-series.

Evelyn Roeloffs, USGS; Kathleen Hodgkinson, UNAVCO; Duncan Agnew, SIO; and Ryan Day (USGS, CVO)

These courses do not have a registration fee, but participants will pay their own travel and living expenses. UNAVCO will provide lunch and snacks during the short course. Scholarships are available for students who will utilize this information in their current research.

UNAVCO will provide computers equipped with all necessary components for this course.


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