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New Data and Data Tools for EarthScope Data at UNAVCO and Other EarthScope

May 12, 2009
EarthScope National Meeting, Centre on the Grove - Boise, Idaho - Pines Conference Room

EarthScope witnessed an explosion of new data and data access tools in 2008. The focus of this workshop is a hands-on introduction to these data and tools. New data access tools include the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD) Core Viewer, which allows users to view high-resolution photographs of the entire main borehole drill core via a Google Maps interface and which is being extended to support the SAFOD sample request program. UNAVCO's new Data Archive Interface Version 2 offers a much more intuitive and powerful way of locating and accessing Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) continuous GPS data. The EarthScope Data Portal extends the suite of available tools to allow seamless station discovery and data download across all EarthScope station types. New EarthScope data include large airborne LIDAR acquisitions over active faults and volcanic domains in the Western United States and Alaska, meteorology data sets from recently installed met stations at PBO continuous GPS sites, and tiltmeter measurements from instruments collocated with PBO borehole strainmeters and seismometers. Geophysically interesting examples from all three data sets will be presented along with a broader overview of the data and specifics of data access.

Instructors: Adrian Borsa and Fran Boler, UNAVCO

UNAVCO SAR Archives and Data Services
UNAVCO Data Archive Interface Version 2 (DAIv2) Web GUI
UNAVCO Data Center GNSS Archives

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