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Working with Strainmeter and Tiltmeter Data: A Short Course for New Users

June 14-16, 2006
UNAVCO, Boulder, Colorado

2006 used the 2005 Course materials

This 3-day workshop will cover the main topics involved in processing strainmeter data with the purpose to help make EarthScope data useful to a broad scientific audience. The target audience is graduate students and practicing scientists interested in modeling plate boundary, earthquake, and volcano deformation.

Each class participant will have a folder in which to keep assignments, questions, etc to interact with other participants and the instructors. Once you have signed up for the short course, UNAVCO will send your username and password for this interactive site.

Kathleen Hodgkinson, Plate Boundary Observatory; Evelyn Roeloffs, USGS; and Duncan Agnew, University of California, San Diego.

Computer Requirements
The analysis software used in this class is Unix-based and command line oriented. Links to some of the processing and analysis software are available at:

For this class, a server with sample data sets will be provided. You will need to access the server from your laptop during the class. Your laptop must have Xwindows and "ssh" capability. The software output is either text files, or graphic files such as postscript (PS, PDF, EPS) or binary Tektronix (Tek401x). You will need to be able to render this output to display graphically on your laptop computer. (You may also wish to install the processing and analysis software on your laptop and/or to your home institution - just remember that the software is Unix-based).

As a pre-requisite to the class you will need to ensure that you have a working Xwindows server to display VT100, xterm, and Tek401x output from the class-server computer. You also must have an up-to-date version of Secure Shell (SSH). Contact if you need further assistance or configuration information.


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