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Data Policy - PBO High-Rate GPS

Plate Boundary Observatory High-Rate GPS Data Policy

Version 1.1
Last modified 2009-04-23

This document is the policy that governs access to and use of high-rate Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) GPS data made available by UNAVCO in response to special user requests. Any party making use of PBO high-rate GPS data implicitly agrees to the terms of this policy.

  1. High-rate GPS data are available from the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) via special data request (see Unlike standard 15-second data, high-rate data are downloaded only by exception and are made available for public access for a limited time.
  2. PBO's high-rate GPS data are primarily intended to support the scientific, education, and government sectors, with priority given to supporting users from these communities. Data requests by the commercial sector will be considered on a lower-priority basis. UNAVCO will respond to high-rate data requests on a best-effort basis, subject to personnel and resource constraints.
  3. UNAVCO does not guarantee the availability of high-rate GPS data from any of the PBO stations.
  4. UNAVCO will make downloaded high-rate data available for public access on an FTP server for a period of at least a month after the end of data collection. Data may be posted for a longer period upon request.
  5. UNAVCO does not guarantee the quality, usability, or suitability of PBO high-rate GPS data for any particular purpose. Users assume all risks and liabilities, direct or indirect, associated with any use of PBO GPS data.
  6. No user may sell or explicitly charge for high-rate GPS data acquired from UNAVCO. Users may charge for value-added services (such as aerial mapping) that incorporate these data as an input.
  7. Users must appropriately cite UNAVCO and its sponsors as the source of high-rate data from PBO GPS stations. The citation must appear in any publications, presentations, Web sites, and any other materials created in whole or in part using PBO data. See Policies, Forms & Procedures for citation text.

This policy may be revised by UNAVCO as needed. UNAVCO reserves the right to refuse future special data requests for any organization, entity, or individual found to be in violation of item 6 or 7 of this policy. Address questions to the PBO Data Products Manager at


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