Intern Spotlight: Angelica (Angie) Bonanno (RESESS)

Angie Bonanno recently graduated from Bryn Mawr College where she received her bachelor’s degree in geology. In their freshman year, Angie wanted to switch out of a class after the add-drop period was over. Their dean offered to switch them into the introductory geology course.

Intern Spotlight: Shamsuddin (Shams) Ahmed (RESESS)

Shamsuddin (Shams) Ahmed is a rising junior at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. After enjoying his laboratory class in high school and learning about how interdisciplinary geoscience is, Shams decided to major in Quantitative Geoscience and minor in mathematics in college. At this point in his academic career, he is looking for opportunities to expand his horizons, to get a taste for the different branches of geoscience before deciding which field interests him the most to eventually pursue a graduate degree in. At Appalachian State University, Shams participated in paleontological research under Dr. Andrew Heckert, working to better understand an Upper Triassic to Mid-Late Norian microvertebrate assemblage from East-Central New Mexico with an incomplete dataset.