Intern Spotlight: Alex Nguyen (RESESS)

Alex Nguyen is a rising junior at Vassar College studying Earth Science and Astronomy. In high school, Alex participated in a program at Washington University in St. Louis through which he took an introductory course in global climate change. This experience sparked Alex’s interest in renewable energy and large-scale climate impacts, leading him to study geology in college.

Intern Spotlight: Samantha Motz (RESESS)

Samantha Motz is a third-year student at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Samantha has always been fascinated in nature and grew up playing in the forest behind her apartment. Despite recognizing this passion for nature, Samantha initially decided to study art. She went to college for graphic design, but felt that art was not providing her with the larger purpose in life that she desired. From art, she went into business, then to art history, in search of her passion.