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Technical Planning & Budget Development for New Proposals

UNAVCO support with technical planning and budget development for new proposals should be initiated by PIs 30-60 days in advance of proposal due dates by completing a Request Support form. This form will prompt the user for basic information about the project, objectives and support desired from UNAVCO.

Upon receiving the request (usually within a business day) a UNAVCO staff member will be in contact to initiate planning, develop specifications and work with the PI to develop the work scope and budget for UNAVCO participation.

Normally, for NSF-EAR awarded proposals where the UNAVCO participation is $5,000 or more, NSF will pass funds directly to UNAVCO. If the UNAVCO participation is less that $5,000, or the project is funded by non-NSF sources, a purchase order between the PI's institution and UNAVCO may be established to fund costs of UNAVCO involvement.

Deliverables from UNAVCO include a detailed budget in worksheet form that explains the assumptions made in estimating costs, a NSF form 1030 budget and letter of support that explains resources and support that UNAVCO will provide should the proposal succeed.

The 1030 form budget and letter of support may be included in the "extra documents" section of the PI's proposal and referred to in the budget justification. The UNAVCO budget reference should point out that the UNAVCO support is not included in budgeted funds and needs to be separately awarded to UNAVCO. The UNAVCO budget should not be integrated within your budget and you should not enter it in Fastlane.

UNAVCO materials are normally provided in .pdf format unless otherwise requested.

The PI should notify UNAVCO upon notification of award by emailing projectsunavco.org. Early notification is essential to establish early priority for accessing UNAVCO resources.

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