2YC Whole Student Mentoring: Recruiting and Guiding Students into Geosciences


This workshop will take place at the 2022 Earth Educators’ Rendezvous (EER), registration required. For more information, please visit our workshop page on the EER website.

The 2YC Whole Student Mentoring workshop will provide faculty and graduate students interested in teaching with information and resources to improve their mentoring interactions with students, with an emphasis on students attending two-year colleges (2YC) and/or recent transfer students. Collectively, students at 2YC typically have different demographic characteristics than students found at most four-year universities. Whole Student Mentoring provides a framework to meet the students where they navigate their academic experience. As part of this workshop, we will introduce evidence-based concepts of intentionally mentoring students in STEM, include components specifically provided for mentoring students from underrepresented groups, and identify and provide teaching and learning resources regarding geoscience career pathways.

Target Audience

The primary audiences are:

  • Faculty (regular or adjunct) of two-year colleges. 
  • Graduate students interested in careers at two-year institutions. 
  • Faculty at four-year colleges working with transfer students.


Participants will:

  • have familiarity with best practices in mentoring and understand Whole Student Mentoring 
  • develop a mentoring plan to implement with their own students
  • explore geo-focused resources to help guide students in their pathway toward a career in geoscience 
  • developed a plan for how they can incorporate geoscience resources into their teaching or mentoring.