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Project Support & Services

UNAVCO support and services groups provide comprehensive project technical support services to investigators using GPS/GNSS, TLS, and SAR data. These services range from loaned equipment, testing, configuration, integration, and new equipment designs for field deployments to technical training for campaign and permanent station deployments.


Geophysical Event Response — UNAVCO can help coordinate community field activities, hardware, and data requests following an earthquake, volcanic eruptions, or other notable geophysical events.

Polar Services — provide support to NSF-OPP funded scientific investigators working in the Arctic and Antarctic.

GPS/GNSS — support for PI projects using GPS or full GNSS instrumentation and ancillary equipment, either as permanent stations or in campaign or kinematic surveying:

Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) — Support for TLS projects, including TLS instrumentation and associated peripherals.

Borehole Services — expertise for siting, permitting, drilling, grouted instrument installation at depth for 3-axis seismic, horizonal strain, tilt, and borehole pressure as well as borehole data collection and analysis.

Development & Testing — ongoing instrument & equipment testing of GNSS receivers & antennae, communications systems, and power systems for various UNAVCO projects.

Data Management & Archiving does GPS/GNSS data delivery or pickup and conversion RINEX, long-term archive storage and FTP access of GPS/GNSS and SAR data.

Education & Outreach Services — provides support for Broader Impacts planning and execution of PI projects.

Note: Currently UNAVCO only supports laser strainmeters (LSM) through sub-awards to PBO LSM operators.

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