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GPS Equipment, Software & Technical Support

Campaign systems

A large pool (50+) of low power Trimble R7 and 5700 receivers, with 512Mb memory cards and ancillary equipment is available for campaign project applications.

Continuous data collection

Complete systems with enlosures, batteries, and solar panels can be provided for long term data collection in harsh environments. The enclosures will also accommodate the Quanterra Q330 seismic system available from PASSCAL.

Permanent stations

UNAVCO will work directly with PIs and agencies to design, install, operate, and maintain permanent GPS stations with data flow to the UNAVCO GPS data archive and other data archive centers.

  Equipment and Software
Dual-frequency GPS receivers and a full selection of ancillary equipment and related software are available for geodetic, survey, and mapping applications.
  Campaign Project Technical Support
Technical support available includes project planning, GPS training, field surveying, data processing, data archiving, equipment preparation, and equipment repair. After the field season, UNAVCO offers data processing support, data analysis support, and data retrieval.
    Polar Permanent Station Engineering
The establishment of high quality continuous GPS measurement stations is a critical component of the current GPS data collection methodology. UNAVCO Polar Services offers complete permanent station technical support, including system design, installation, maintenance, and data archiving. See also general information about GPS/GNSS Permanent Station Supportat UNAVCO.

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