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Polar Geodetic Data

UNAVCO GPS Data Archive Interface for polar GPS data search and access:

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Antarctic Permanent Stations

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See also: SuomiNet Meteorological Data Products

Station Positions:

Arctic polar permanent stations with latitude > 65°N which are processed via GAGE (ordered west to east):

Site Location Latitude Longitude NAM08
cleaned &
AB09 Razorback, Alaska 65.614981 -168.062125 png txt png
AC50 Baldy Mtn, Alaska 65.553849 -164.566569 png txt png
AB18 Kotzebue, Alaska 66.858363 -162.613507 png txt png
AC07 Buckland, Alaska 65.961293 -161.286616 png txt png
AB27 Kobuk Valley, Alaska 67.055886 -156.904889 png txt png
SG27 Barrow, Alaska 71.322894 -156.610332 png txt png
AB36 Manley Hot, Alaska 65.030398 -150.743984 png txt png
AB33 Coldfoot, Alaska 67.251012 -150.172544 png txt png
AB45 Sag River, Alaska 68.760494 -148.871152 png txt png
DSL1 Drill Site L1, Alaska 70.333437 -148.472748 png txt
PUO1 Old Airport Towe, Alaska 70.253872 -148.343257 png txt
PBOC Prudhoe Bay, Alaska 70.256402 -148.334915 png txt png
EDOC East Dock, Alaska 70.310270 -148.318484 png txt
AB46 Arctic Village, Alaska 68.120671 -145.567901 png txt png
AB39 Ft. Yukon, Alaska 66.559346 -145.212631 png txt png
INVK Inuvik, Canada 68.306185 -133.526962 png txt png
TUKT Tuktoyaktuk, Canada 69.438234 -132.994350 png txt png
HOLM Ulukhaktok, Canada 70.736304 -117.761238 png txt png
RESO Resolute, Canada 74.690820 -94.893695 png txt png
THU3 Thule, Greenland 76.537048 -68.825042 png txt png
ALRT Alert, Canada 82.494294 -62.340471 png txt png
KELY Kangerlussuaq, Greenland 66.987419 -50.944841 png txt png
KAGA Kangia, Greenland 69.222301 -49.814629 png txt png
SUMM Summit Camp, Greenland 72.579188 -38.457195 png txt png
SMM1 Summit Camp, Greenland 72.579588 -38.45934 png txt png
SMM2 Summit Camp, Greenland 72.579638 -38.460448 png txt png

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