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WAIS Divide Base Station - Available Equipment

Equipment Available

A geodetic quality, dual-frequency base station is available at the WAIS Divide camp. When used with geodetic quality roving systems, centimeter-level accuracy can be realized over 100 kilometers away from the station by collecting and post-processing data. A computer is available at the camp for data downloading and backup, and base station data (15-second logging) are available on-line from the GAGE Archive (sites WAIS and WAI2) after each field season.

The following GPS equipment is available for use at WAIS Divide:
Trimble NetRS Base Station
Geodetic GPS base station is available for use in post-processed surveys. An interface computer is also provided for data downloading. An equipment inventory is maintained on this page.
The following GPS equipment can be requested from GAGE for use at WAIS Divide:
Roving Systems
GAGE can provide geodetic quality GPS roving receivers, such as the Trimble R7, for use in surveying and positioning tasks in the WAIS Divide area. Roving equipment is not permanently assigned to the WAIS camp and must be requested in advance of the field season. All ancillary equipment such as power systems, enclosures, survey controllers, and cabling is also available.

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