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Summit Camp GPS Survey System - Specifications


Specifications and Technical Information
Base receiver type Trimble NetR8
Base receiver memory 4GB, partitioned for low-rate (15 sec) and high-rate (2Hz and 5Hz) data logging 
Base receiver internal UPS capacity~8 hours run time
Base antenna type Trimble Zephyr Geodetic
RTK radio transmitter type Trimble HPB450
RTK radio transmitter frequency 460 MHz (450 and 470 MHz also available)
RTK broadcast format CMR+ at 9600 baud
RTK radio transmitter power 2 W
RTK survey range ~5 km
Rover receiver type Trimble R7
Rover receiver memory 512 Mb compact flash card (24 months continuous at 30 sec logging rate)
Rover antenna type Trimble Zephyr
Rover radio type Trimble R7 internal
Rover internal battery life <1 hours
Rover external battery life 12 hours (small battery), 48 hours (large battery)
Kinematic survey accuracy (horizontal) 1cm + 1ppm (x baseline length)
Kinematic survey accuracy (vertical) 2cm + 2ppm (x baseline length)
Static survey accuracy (horizontal) 5mm + 0.5ppm (x baseline length)
Static survey accuracy (vertical) 5mm + 1ppm (x baseline length)

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