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Palmer Station GPS Survey System - Specifications


Specifications and Technical Information
Base receiver type Trimble NetR8
Base receiver memory 4GB, partitioned for low-rate (15 sec) and high-rate (2Hz and 10Hz) data logging 
Base receiver internal UPS capacity ~8 hours run time
Base antenna type Ashtech Choke Ring with Radome (ASH700936D_M SCIS)
RTK radio transmitter type Pacific Crest RFM96W
RTK radio transmitter frequency 470 MHz
RTK broadcast format CMR+ at 9600 baud
RTK radio transmitter power 2 W
RTK survey range ~5 km
Rover receiver type Trimble R7
Rover receiver memory 512 Mb compact flash card (24 months continuous at 30 sec logging rate)
Rover antenna type Trimble Zephyr Geodetic and Compact L1/L2
Rover radio type Pacific Crest RFM96W
Rover external battery life 24 hours
Kinematic survey accuracy (horizontal) 1cm + 1ppm (x baseline length)
Kinematic survey accuracy (vertical) 2cm + 2ppm (x baseline length)
Static survey accuracy (horizontal) 5mm + 0.5ppm (x baseline length)
Static survey accuracy (vertical) 5mm + 1ppm (x baseline length)

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