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Palmer Station GPS Survey System - Rover Equipment

Rover Equipment

The roving system is the GPS equipment that users take in the field. The heart of the roving system is a Trimble R7 GPS receiver, with an external Pacific Crest radio for RTK corrections and 512Mb of flashcard memory for static survey data collection. For kinematic work, the R7 receiver is controlled with the Trimble TSC2 data collector. Two roving antennas are available, a Trimble Zephyr Geodetic for static work and a Trimble Compact L1/L2 for kinematic work. A portable RTK radio repeater is provided for areas that are within range for RTK solutions but beyond line of sight from Palmer Station. A bipod, kinematic survey backpack, and level mount are also available.

Roving System Inventory May 2013

Item: Description: UNAVCO ID #:
R7 system
Yellow Pelican case 5700-A 17037
Gray Pelican case 9126
R7 GPS receiver Trimble 17041
Compact flash card 512MB 15782
GPS antenna Trimble Zephyr Geodetic 17045
GPS antenna Trimble Compact L1/L2 11762
GPS antenna cable, 10 m (2x) Trimble, RG58 17146, n/a
GPS antenna cable, 2 m (2x) RG58
GPS antenna cable, 1m RG58
NM -TNCF adapter (3x)
NF -TNCM adapter (2x)
battery bag Trimble, w/ring terminal cable 13063
pigtail cable for battery bag Trimble, 5 pin LEMO - 7 pin LEMO 12619
battery power cable Trimble, w/ring terminals and fuses 17074
power/download cable (3x) Trimble, serial - LEMO -power 15986, 17057, n/a
battery, 18 amp-hour (2x) PowerSonic
battery, 3.2 amp-hour (2x) Trimble
TSC2 Data Collector w/case Trimble 28230
TSC2 comms cable Trimble, 7 pin LEMO - 9 pin serial
TSC2 AC-DC battery charger Cincon 5VDC 23234
USB cable flat to square
RTK radio (3x) Pacific Crest RFM96W
RTK radio antenna (3x) rubber duck antenna, BNC
RTK radio comms cable Pacific Crest, 7 pin LEMO - 5 pin LEMO 12083
RTK radio power/comms cable (2x) Pacific Crest, 5 pin LEMO - serial -power
serial gender changer male-male
5/32" allen wrench for battery terminals
bolts/washers/wingnuts for battery terminals
UNAVCO level mount
RTK repeater
RTK repeater radio power cable Pacific Crest, 5 pin LEMO - power
RTK repeater whip antenna mount flat metal mount
RTK repeater whip antenna mount 5/8" thread mount
RTK repeater whip antenna 470 MHz
RTK repeater power cable extension quick-connect
RTK repeater power cable extension ring terminal
battery, 31 amp-hour (2x) with cable attached
battery, 40 amp-hour (2x) PowerSonic, with cable attached
Bipod and Backpack
Bipod w/bag Trimble 21081
2 meter rangepole Trimble 21081
R7 mount bracket for bipod
TSC2 mount bracket for bipod
Backpack Trimble 21075
12" antenna extension pole Trimble 18790

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