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Barrow GNSS Survey System - Support and Documentation


Support to survey system users is provided by several organizations. UNAVCO provides equipment and technical support, including training on the Barrow GNSS systems per request. UMIAQ provides oversight of the equipment, and manages equipment scheduling and check-out/check-in to users. The GPS base station equipment is hosted at BARC, and University of Alaska at Fairbanks assists with network connectivity to the base station. CH2M Hill Polar services provides logistical support.

Users who intend to use the equipment for a significant amount of field surveying are strongly encouraged to arrange for training at the UNAVCO Facility in Boulder, Colorado prior to their field season. Remote (email and telephone) support is also provided, and UNAVCO personnel may also be available for on-site field support for projects with a significant GPS surveying component. Upon project completion, permanent GPS data and meta-data archival is available from UNAVCO.

How to Request Support:

  • Schedule GPS training or request field support: Request Support
  • Schedule and reserve GPS equipment: Contact UMIAQ,
  • Technical support questions: Contact UNAVCO Support
  • Data archiving questions: Contact UNAVCO Archive


Collecting and processing quality GNSS data requires a systematic approach and an understanding of the basics of GNSS surveying. The following resources are available for Barrow GNSS users.

Want to Test the System?

New users are encouraged to use the system to survey or stake out well known points as a shakedown excercise to gain familiarity with the system prior to conducting surveys for their own research. The following benchmark provides a useful test point for tutorial surveys, or as a control point during field surveys. Post-processed and RTK survey coordinates of this point will agree within 2cm horizontal and 5 cm vertical if the surveying and processing was done correctly. Use a handheld GPS to locate the benchmark if necessary.

NGS Benchmark S123, NAD-83 (1675 meters from BASC)
71º 18' 48.39714" N, 156º 38' 51.88695" W, 5.404m HAE (7.698m MSL, GEOID-99)

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