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SAR Data Collections

SAR data collections accessible through the UNAVCO SAR archive are currently:

Data use agreements are required to download data from the various UNAVCO collections.

WInSAR ESA Collection

UNAVCO archives SAR data for WInSAR. WInSAR is a consortium of universities and research laboratories established by a group of scientists and engineers to facilitate collaboration in, and advancement of, Earth science research using radar remote sensing. WInSAR helps coordinate requests for data acquisition and for data purchase, aiding individual investigators by simplifying interactions with data providers and with government agencies funding science, including NASA, NSF, and the USGS. The WInSAR ESA collection is made of SAR scenes acquired by WInSAR from the European Space Agency (ESA) missions, e.g. ERS-1, ERS-2, and Envisat. ESA has also generously contributed to the WInSAR holdings by providing data and tasking at low or no cost. WInSAR Full Members are eligible to request that additional data from ESA be added to this collection.

EarthScope ESA and CSA SAR Collections


A goal of EarthScope is the improved understanding of the tectonic evolution of the North American continent. Identifying and understanding deformation rates in all tectonic regimes is critical to reaching that goal. The GeoEarthScope project included the acquisition of SAR data, aerial and satellite imagery, and geochronology data, to examine the strain field beyond the time scales available from the Plate Boundary Observatory geodetic instrumentation. Consequently, UNAVCO acquired SAR data from the ESA (ERS1, ERS2, and Envisat missions) and from the Alaska Satellite Facility (ERS1, ERS2 and RADARSAT-1). Data from ESA missions make up the EarthScope ESA collection and data from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) RADARSAT-1 mission make up the EarthScope CSA collection. These two EarthScope collections are currently static with no new SAR scenes being added to them.

Supersites SAR Collection



UNAVCO presents a catalog for SAR data from Supersites to help SAR data users become aware of this complementary data set to the other UNAVCO SAR collections. Supersites is an initiative of the geohazard scientific community (Group on Earth Observations in cooperation with ESA and other space agencies), providing access to spaceborne and in-situ geophysical data of selected sites prone to earthquake, volcano or other hazards.


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