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Apply for SAR Data Access

You can apply for SAR data access to the various SAR data collections held at the UNAVCO SAR Archive.

  • WInSAR ESA collection — To download SAR data from the WInSAR ESA collection in the UNAVCO SAR archive, you must be affiliated with a WInSAR Full or Adjunct I Member Institution and apply to become an authorized WInSAR data user. Institutions engaged in SAR research may apply for WInSAR Institutional Membership.

  • EarthScope ESA or CSA SAR collections — If you are an authorized WInSAR data user, you have access to the EarthScope ESA and CSA collections.

  • Supersitesthese data are searchable at UNAVCO but not held at UNAVCO. SAR data access at Supersites requires that you must first obtain access credentials from ESA.
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