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STS Charge | 2016 UNAVCO Science Workshop

2016 UNAVCO Science Workshop - Special Topic Session Charge

During the 2016 UNAVCO Science Workshop, we have planned three different time blocks for breakouts, each with three simultaneous Special Topics Sessions (STS). Please ensure that structured remarks to seed discussion be held to a minimum - or the hour will be gone without cultivating needed discussion.

For each STS, 70 minutes are allocated to seeding topics and discussion, five minutes to reconvene, and 15 minutes for short reports back to the larger group. Each session will have relevant UNAVCO staff members to support the community members asked to lead - staff will help frame the topics, seed questions to help guide facility efforts, serve as a scribe to capture the discussion, provide technical content, and otherwise enable the community focus.

We ask that the participants in each session address the topics below so that an STS community leader can report back to the larger group with a short bulleted summary that can be presented in fewer than 5 minutes.


The goal of each STS is to further planning for foundational and frontier science that relies on geodesy. This input it sought to guide the GAGE Facility in prioritizing resources to support your science directions as a community over the coming months and years under the current award. It might also inform longer term planning within and across subdisciplines of the geosciences.

Please report back to the larger group with a short (less than 5 minute, bulleted) summary of the discussion in response to these questions as they relate to the topic of your STS:

  1. What compelling science opportunities and geodetic technical advances relate to the theme of this STS?
  2. Is there a farther horizon for future science directions, perhaps related to rising initiatives that are part of the GAGE core (NISAR, terrestrial imaging, cyberinfrastructure, seafloor geodesy, etc.)?
  3. What are the technical and facility requirements to advance these emerging and new science directions?

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