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GETSI Short Course | 2016 UNAVCO Science Workshop

2016 UNAVCO Science Workshop - Geodesy Data Teaching Modules: GETSI Short Course - CLOSED

GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI): GETSI Short Course - CLOSED
Wednesday, March 30, 2016 from 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Presenters include Bruce Douglas (Indiana University), Gareth Funning (University of California Riverside) and Beth Pratt-Sitaula (UNAVCO) - (pratt-sitaula

It can be challenging to find teaching resources that feature geodetic data sets. GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI) is a collaborative NSF-funded project that is working to rectify this gap in undergraduate learning materials by developing high-quality, geodetic data-rich modules for both introductory and majors-level courses. A particular emphasis is placed on data and quantitative analysis skills situated in the context of societal importance. Geodetic methods are well-situated to address societally critical questions regarding natural hazards, climate change, and water resources.

In this four-hour workshop, you will use resources from four modules, receive advice from instructors who have developed and used the materials, and brainstorm with colleagues on how best to adapt/adopt materials into your educational setting. The short course will also overview in-process modules and let you know ways that you could get involved in the future.

Modules currently published or in beta-version are:

  • Changing Ice Mass and Sea Level

    • Teaching Materials
    • Geodesy data: Sea level altimetry, InSAR, ICESat, GRACE, vertical GPS
  • Imaging Active Tectonics

  • GPS, Strain, and Earthquakes
    (Majors-level) – beta-version

  • Using TLS & SfM in undergraduate geology field courses
    (Majors-level) – beta-version

Modules in development include:

  • Measuring Water Resources with GPS, Gravity, and Traditional Methods (Majors-level)
    Geodesy data : Gravity, vertical GPS, reflection GPS
  • Surface Process Hazards (Introductory-level)
    Geodesy data : LiDAR

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