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Community Workshop: Real-Time GPS Position Data Products & Formats

The community workshop Real-Time GPS Position Data Products and Formats was held at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel in Boulder, Colorado on March 26-28, 2012.

This workshop will address the current and future needs of the user communities and will make recommendations for RTGPS position data products, processing, formats, standards, analysis, and distribution to all user communities. The goals of the workshop are to establish requirements and capture ideas needed to pursue current and future development of: 1) data products, 2) data processing and analysis and 3) definition and adaptation of formats and standards for data and metadata including data/metadata exchange, archiving, interoperability, precision and accuracy.

The overarching goals for this workshop are community oriented and include:

  • Define RT GPS position data products that best suit the broad range of user community requirements. This also includes associated factors and impacts such as reliability, up-time requirements and quality control.
  • Define technology requirements that best serve the RT GPS community. These include technologies such as communications, GPS receivers, and ancillary sensors.
  • Define data formats that best serve these data products. Many divergent formats exist to serve current user communities: NMEA, RTCM, BINEX, SEED/MiniSEED, RYO and others. The individual user communities, producers and developers must drive and define those formats that best serve the larger community.
  • Define community based data acquisition and data processing strategies.
  • Define community data archiving needs and requirements.

To advance these goals, the following thematic workshop sessions are planned:

  • Data Products as defined by each user community
  • Techology Requirements
  • Data Formats
  • Data acquisition and processing strategies
  • Data archiving and distribution
  • General synthesis and debate

Each session will include a small number of presentations followed by breakout groups and group discussions designed to stimulate open dialog and recommendations. Breakout sessions will report back to the group for discussion. The workshop organizers and appointed community representatives will moderate the breakout sessions and facilitate discussion.

Workshop Deliverables

A preliminary report and presentation will be prepared and circulated for community discussion and distribution. This report will outline the primary initial findings of the workshop and will serve as a stimulus for further discussion and recommendations by the community. Community feedback will be incorporated into a final report that will be presented to NSF and the participating communities by electronic means in mid 2012.

Posters are encouraged for all participants highlighting relevant work and issues.

Limited support is available.

Please click here to submit an application.

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