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COCONet Workshop: Community Science, Station Siting, and Capacity Building

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The COCONet Workshop: Community Science, Station Siting, and Capacity Building was held at the Gran Meliá Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico, February 3-4, 2011.

With NSF funding for a Continuously Operating Caribbean GPS Observational Network, the international geoscience community is planning for Caribbean-wide GPS observations to support investigation of process-oriented science questions with direct relevance to Earth and atmospheric hazards, and to provide for regional capacity building focused on science and international collaborations.

The Workshop will provide broad science input to support the following goals:

  • Refine the overarching science plan for pan-Caribbean infrastructure.
  • Revise the GPS station siting plan in light of science goals and existing open-data GPS infrastructure.
  • Develop a mechanism for ongoing science oversight.
  • Define capacity building activities and funding mechanisms, including development of the scientific and technical capacity of the international and in-country community conducting research in the Caribbean, and ensuring a climate of free and open access to COCONet geodetic data.

The Workshop aims to attract a diverse and international community of scientists and students interested in advancing these goals.

The registration deadline was November 19, 2010. Registration is currently closed.

Posters are welcome.

Please click here to register.


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