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TO:            UNAVCO Community Members

FROM:       Jim Davis, President, UNAVCO, Inc.
                 Will Prescott, (Future) President, UNAVCO, Inc.

SUBJECT:  PBO Draft Proposal

Mike Jackson and many others have been very busy this summer preparing the Plate Boundary Observatory (PBO) section of an EarthScope proposal that will be submitted to the NSF in December. The current draft of the PBO proposal is available for community comments.

In perusing the draft proposal, you should keep in mind that this is only one part of an EarthScope proposal that will contain other sections. In particular, you should note that most of the science justification for EarthScope will occur in a section that discusses all of the components. This discussion is not present in this PBO draft. Also, the material in this PBO draft will likely not appear in the EarthScope proposal in this form. Instead, the material in this draft will be "cut and pasted" into the EarthScope proposal in a way that fully integrates the USArray and PBO parts of the proposal. UNAVCO, Inc. has begun talking to IRIS and SAFOD management about integrating the PBO, USArray and SAFOD proposals into the single EarthScope proposal that will come out of this. In the process of this discussion, we have begun highlighting areas where USArray and PBO will share facilities.

The budget presented in this draft is over budget by about 9% and is not balanced on a year-to-year basis. The overage and balancing will be dealt with at a later date as the funding profile for PBO is solidified. In addition, the regional station allocations used to create average station costs will likely change through the review process. The budget does not estimate out-year (years 5-10) costs. The final proposal will include these costs.

Comments on this draft should be sent to pbo-commentsunavco.org. Comments that suggest remedies to defects in the proposal will be more effective than comments that merely point out deficiencies. And comments that include suggested text for remedying deficiencies will be most effective of all.

Last modified: Wednesday, 08-Jul-2015 16:08:55 UTC


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