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  13 December 2002

To: The UNAVCO Community
From: Will Prescott, President, UNAVCO, Inc.
Subject: Status of Proposals

We (UNAVCO Headquarters) are currently juggling three proposals.  In 
this message, I would like to update you on the status of all three.

* Earthscope Proposal *
The Plate Boundary Observatory piece of the Earthscope proposal has 
continued to be refined. The current draft is available at
draft PBO proposal.

The major changes since it was circulated last summer are:
* Significantly updated the budget justification section (section 14).
* Added advisory committees and removed regional scientists
* Cleaned up monumentation section
* Added a section on Installation options (Section 5.7)
* Added a section on GEO PBO (Section 10)
* Added a section on EarthScope Integration (Section 11)
* Added text throughout indicating areas of collaboration.
* Extensive work on the budget

There has been a lot of discussion with the other components, 
USArray in particular, about sharing resources and activities related 
to data handling, station selection, installation, and operation.

There is now an EarthScope Facility Executive Committee with members 
(see list below) appointed by the UNAVCO Board, the IRIS Executive 
Committee and SAFOD. This committee will meet for the first time on 
December 20th to move forward on assembling an EarthScope proposal 
including a science overview and justification and the operational 
and budget documents from the three components of Earthscope (PBO, 
USArray and SAFOD).  We are aiming at having an integrated proposal 
by mid January.

There is still no FY2003 NSF budget. Earthscope is in the President's 
budget ($35M), in the Senate subcommittee markup ($20M), and in the 
House subcommittee markup ($40M). This is very promising for getting 
an FY2003 start on EarthScope. Until Congress passes an FY2003 
budget, it is unclear exactly what the process and timing of this 
start and the concomitant proposal review might be.

NSF has appointed a group, the EarthScope Science and Education 
Committee, to provide guidance to the science side of Earthscope. The 
members of this committee are also listed below. This committee met 
for the first time at the end of November.

EarthScope Facility Executive Committee
    David Simpson, Chair
    Göran Ekström
    Steve Hickman
    William Prescott
    Paul Silver
    Mark Zoback

EarthScope Science and Education Committee
    Robert B. Smith, Chair
    Roberta Rudnick, Vice Chair
    Richard Carlson
    Thomas Jordan
    Karl E. Karlstrom
    Anne S. Meltzer
    David Mogk
    Jonathan G. Price
    Christian Teyssier
    Wayne Thatcher

* UNAVCO Community/Facility Proposal *
We are rapidly approaching the deadline for an NSF proposal that will 
request funds for UNAVCO Community and the UNAVCO Facility for the 
next few years.

I have been contacting some of you looking for science material to 
include in the proposal. There are several issues related to this 
proposal worth mentioning. The proposal is being submitted by UNAVCO, 
Inc. for direct management of the UNAVCO Facility by the community. 
In a change from previous years, we will not include too many 
extracurricular projects as part of the proposal. Rather we want to 
focus this proposal on the core business of providing community 
support. With the independent UNAVCO that we now have, we can easily 
submit other proposals for projects that make sense as community 
efforts, but that do not fit in the more streamlined proposal. I 
believe this will make a stronger proposal.

* Continuing Network Proposal *
Based on community needs and discussion with NSF sponsors, various 
people have worked on, or contributed to, an Existing Networks 
proposal.  This proposal will request funding to operate a large 
fraction of the stations in existing GPS networks (SCIGN, BARD, 
PANGA, BARGEN, AKDA, EBRY) during the first five years of PBO. A 
complete draft of this proposal is in place now, but before it is 
ready for submission, it really needs someone to turn it into a 
finished proposal. I have tried to keep this proposal preparation 
moving along by getting piecemeal help from people. That may or may 
not have been successful so far, but it needs something more now to 
wrap it up. Unfortunately, it is competing for attention here with 
the other two proposals. I would love it if someone from the existing 
network community would volunteer to take on this task. Frankly, I 
find it difficult to see how we at UNAVCO headquarters will be able 
to do this between now and January 15th, the deadline for 
consideration by NSF's I&F panel. I will be happy to send a copy of 
the current draft to anyone interested in seeing what remains to be 

Respectfully submitted,

Will Prescott, President

AGU    = American Geophysical Union
AKDA   = Alaska Deformation Array
BARD   = Bay Area Regional Deformation
BARGEN = Basin And Range GEodetic Network
EBRY   = Eastern Basin and Range/Yellowstone
FY     = Fiscal Year
I&F    = Instrumentation and Facilities
IRIS   = Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
NSF    = National Science Foundation
PANGA  = PAcific Northwest GPS Array
PBO    = Plate Boundary Observatory
SCIGN  = Southern California Integrated GPS Network
UCAR   = University Consortium for Atmospheric Research
UNAVCO = a name, not an acronym
          (The "UNAVCO" in UCAR/UNAVCO Facility
          was an acronym for UNiversity NAvstar COnsortium;
          The "UNAVCO" in UNAVCO, Inc. is just the name
          of the non-profit consortium)

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