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  30 September 2002

To: The UNAVCO Community
From: Geoff Blewitt, Chairperson of the Board, UNAVCO Inc.

This is an exciting week for the UNAVCO community. On Monday, the new UNAVCO Inc. headquarters opened its doors on 3360 Mitchell Lane, Suite C, in Boulder, Colorado, staffed by two employees who started work this week: our new President, Will Prescott, and Executive Director, Wayne Shiver. As you know, changes have been in the works since the earliest planning stages a few years ago, and so this week represents a significant milestone in our progress toward establishing a more flexible and effective organization for our community, and for the benefit of Earth science.

In getting from there to here, there are many people to thank. First and foremost, I'd like to thank our Founding President, Jim Davis for his tireless and effort in turning visions into reality (please see Jim's letter attached). I'd like to thank members of the Board (previously the Steering Committee) for taking bold decisions to move forward and for establishing a more formal and constructive style of governance of UNAVCO Inc. that is essential for our integrity to our community and to our sponsors. I'd like to thank Wayne Shiver and the Boulder Facility for supporting the President and the Board in helping to move us toward this juncture. I'd like to thank both Will Prescott and Wayne Shiver for putting their careers on the line, and taking the leap to their new positions. If they have such faith in the future of our community, it stands us in good stead. The Board is especially pleased to have appointed someone as qualified and dedicated as Will to the office of President (and I must say the pool of talent applying for the President's position was impressive).

Now our medium-term strategy for 2003 is to take on responsibility for implementing the Plate Boundary Observatory under EarthScope, working closely with IRIS, and to move the Boulder UNAVCO Facility from its current home in UCAR to UNAVCO Inc. Will has put some detail in his attached letter on PBO developments. I would also like to add that we are working toward a closer relationship with IRIS, and we are planning to hold our next Annual UNAVCO Members Meeting in conjunction with a joint IRIS-UNAVCO Workshop in Yosemite, tentatively scheduled for June 19-21, 2003. We expect to provide travel support to member representatives.

May I give you some early warning that at the next UNAVCO Members Meeting several Board positions will become vacant and an election was held. As always, we need good people, so please consider this carefully. Related to this, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Clark Wilson, who this week accepted the position as Treasurer, an Officer of UNAVCO Inc. We welcome Clark's enthusiastic acceptance, which I think reflects the high spirit of volunteerism I've seen growing in the UNAVCO community. I'd also like to thank Tom Herring for his hard work as Scientific Director (a position that is now superceded by the President's Office). These are exciting times, with many reasons to be excited about the future. If you are reading this and your institution isn't yet a paid up member or associate member of UNAVCO, I encourage you to apply now so that your application might be processed in time for the next Annual Members Meeting, so you can enjoy the full benefits of membership and feel part of this growing force in Earth science.

Geoff Blewitt

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