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Education Resources

Looking for resources that use data and modern teaching techniques to use in your teaching or after-school program? Explore your world with your students.

Field Geodesy Learning

Field Geodesy Learning provides guidance for using geodetic methods in field education settings:.

Modules & Activities

Modules & Activities — curricula which includes geodesy data and technologies and often address societally important Earth science questions through the use of geodetic data. GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI) Education Resources are displayed within the undergraduate categories.

  • Majors level undergraduate
  • Introductory level undergraduate
  • Secondary Education

Data for Educators

Data for Educators provides a map with links to interesting hi-precision GPS data, visualization tools, educational materials which incorporate this data.

Tutorials & Handouts

Tutorials & Handouts provide brief tutorials on using web tools and train-the-trainer content.

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