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Hands-on Demonstrations

Exploring glaciers with flubber: Fun and hands-on inquiry-based model! Step by step instructions how to make flubber and explore isostatic rebound of glaciers from Polenet [same instructions as a pdf]; accomanying presentation focusing on mid-continent rebound [pptx]

Train the Trainer Handouts

Global Positioning System (GPS) Tutorials

LiDAR Tutorials

General GPS Education Handouts

Active Earth Monitor

GPS Undergraduate Courses Taught by the UNAVCO Community
Principles of the Global Positioning Systems [12.540]: Thomas Herring, MIT
Introduction to GNSS - Global Navigation Satellite Systems [ASEN 5090]: Penina Alexelrad, University of Colorado
GNSS Software and Applications [ASEN 6090]: Kristine Larson, University of Colorado

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