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Are you a student looking for a learning opportunity? Are you an early career professional and want to connect into the geodetic community? Are you writing your Broader Impacts section of your proposal and want to leverage your ideas? UNAVCO collaborates with scientific and educational partners to prepare the next generation of Earth science students.

Do you need help with any of the topics listed here?

  • Request Support for:
  • Proposal Broader Impacts — guidance to PIs with proposal planning and budgeting for broader impacts.
  • Geodetic-focused Field Education — assistance with incorporating geodetic tools and data into classrooms and field camps.
  • Student Mentoring — best practices and guidance to help mentor undergraduates in conducting research.
  • Educational Materials — assistance with materials review and dissemination.
  • Communicating — dissemination of geodesy education and research.
  • Email educationunavco.org if you cannot find what you need in the education topics covered below.

UNAVCO has a growing number of outreach materials for use in public, informal, and formal settings.

  • Educational Give-aways — explore more about geodesy data and technologies:
    • UNAVCO Global Data Ruler shows the Earth, plate motions using GPS vectors, earthquakes around the world, and plate boundary strain rates.
    • PBO52 Playing Cards is a deck of playing cards featuring GPS stations from the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory.
    • Velocity Map Posters show tectonic motions using GPS data from the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory and other geodetic networks.

There are many opportunities for students.

  • RESESS is a paid undergraduate research internship, learning community, and mentoring program. Students can participate for up to three summers. Application to the RESESS program is the first step to the student internship. Please check the RESESS website for the application deadline.
  • Geo-Launchpad is a paid summer internship for students exploring an education in geoscience and attending community college in Colorado.
  • Institute for Broadening Participation — Are you looking for other REU and internship opportunities? Take a look at the Institute for Broadening Participation's website for a comprehensive list of other geoscience opportunities!
  • UNAVCO Internships offer graduate and upper-level undergraduate students the opportunity to learn various aspects of geodesy research and education.

Guidance for using geodetic methods in field education settings.

  • Educational Curricula: developed to aid in teaching field geodetic methods.
  • Learning Manuals: useful for investigators and graduate students for research and to support teaching to undergraduates.

Improve your geodetic skills to learn more about geodesy, the applications of geodesy, and Earth Science.

  • Early Career Professionals: UNAVCO is helping early career professionals successfully navigate the transition from student to professional.
  • Short Courses are geared for researchers, early-career scientists, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates, covering many applications of geodetic technologies.
  • Educational Workshops are for college and secondary education faculty to integrate new content into their teaching.

Looking for resources that use data and modern teaching techniques to use in your teaching or after-school program? Do you want to expand your pedagogical horizons?

  • Animations & Videos developed by UNAVCO in partnership with many organizations.
  • Data for Educators visually explore through a map view to find geodetic education resources that use high-precision GPS data, visualization tools, and educational modules/activities.
  • Interactive Data & Mapping Tools allow you to visually explore Earth and other worlds using geodetic and other geologic datasets such as GPS, InSAR, power-management, and environmental data.
  • Modules & Activities — curricula which includes geodesy data and technologies and often address societally important Earth science questions through the use of geodetic data. GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI) Education Resources are displayed within the undergraduate categories
    • Majors level undergraduate
    • Introductory level undergraduate
    • Secondary Education
  • Tutorials & Handouts provide brief tutorials on using web tools and train-the-trainer content.

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