UNAVCO IDV: GOCE Data and Displays UNAVCO IDV: GOCE Data and Displays
ESA's Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer GOCE satellite maps Earth's gravity field in high accuracy.
See Earth's gravity revealed in unprecedented detail.

GOCE data is easily obtained, using ESA's GOCE Users Toolbox (GUT), which makes netCDF format files right for use the IDV.

GOCE and the GUT can provide:

The GUT also provides ACE2 Global DEM with bathymetry.

GOCE geoid height field in IDV displays. Click for full size.


NetCDF files made by UNAVCO using the GUT:

GOCE_geoid_height_above_reference_ellipsoid_global_1deg_grid.nc 1 degree grid

GOCE grid 6 minute grid

Data Transects

You can plot transects of data across the map with the IDV. Here are transects from a geoid height difference computation.

Transect of GEOID geoid height (1 minute grid) minus GOCE geoid height (6 minute grid)
, Bighorn Mountains and Wind River Mountains, Wyoming. Click for full size.