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UNAVCO is uniquely positioned to advance and support the geodesy community's science goals. Community science covers the dynamics and physical processes that define (1) the solid Earth from the mantle to the surface, (2) the hydrosphere from subsurface aquifers to the oceans, (3) the cryosphere from individual glaciers to massive ice sheets, and (4) the atmosphere, especially the troposphere and ionosphere. Our community also advances technological developments in engineering and computer sciences, including innovations in geodetic instrumentation and cyberinfrastructure. Many science discoveries and innovations have broader impacts for society, such as natural hazard risk reduction, resource management, communication, navigation and security. Here we highlight some through snapshots, news, seminars, and community publications.

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  • New geodetic results published in the peer-review literature to consider for a UNAVCO Science Snapshots or to include in our community bibliography?
  • Links to media coverage of science, engineering or technology advances relevant to geodesy and/or UNAVCO?
  • Suggestions of any other science, engineering or technology highlights that are relevant to geodesy and/or UNAVCO?
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Accessible summaries of science discoveries from an ever expanding UNAVCO research community. Summaries include references, related links, related data links, key words and a map center.

Topics cover the solid earth, the cryosphere, environmental & hydrogeodesy, the ocean and atmosphere, human dimensions, and technology.

A reverse-chronological listing of media coverage of UNAVCO-related science and activities with direct hyperlinks to the media item for further reading.

The listing is not comprehensive, but provides a sampling of geodetic community research in the news.

YouTube videos of hour-long presentations recorded at UNAVCO headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, that are given as part of our monthly science seminar series.

The seminars cover research and development advances by UNAVCO community members.

Regularly updated lists and some statistics of peer-reviewed community science publications that involve UNAVCO-supported services.

Descriptions, timelines, photographs and videos related to the history of geodesy-based research, development and education that involved UNAVCO.

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