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P278 - Overview | PBO Station Page
P278 Overview Station Type: GPS
P278 Overview Photo
P278 Overview Photo - 2016-11-15T15:45:47Z

Station Position

Time Series Raw Plot
Most Recent Data Times Series Plot.
Station Information
4-Char ID: P278 - GPS
Station Status: Installed / Operable
Station Name: ClarkeMtn_CS2004
Project: PBO
Location (City, State): San Simeon, CA
Latitude, Longitude*: 35.711, -121.061
Elevation*: 466 m
Monument Type: SDBM
Station Install Date: 2004/01/31
Monument Install Date: 2004/01/31
Current Status: OK

*GPS receiver values - not precise

Station Data
Station Report: Text File
Installation Report: VPN or Internal Access Only
Time Series Data: NAM08 CSV | IGS08 CSV
Time Series Plot Viewer: Nearby GPS Plots
Realtime Dataflow: Available
Meteorologic Plots: Not Available
Colocated Instruments
GPS Monument Coordinates
Approximate Geographic Coordinates
lat/lon/elev (d/d/m)*: 35.71125 -121.06076 466
IGS08 Reference Frame
X/Y/Z (m/m/m): -2675257.8310 -4441700.8279 3702496.8473
Ref Epoch**: 2018.811

*Approximate latitude and longitude the average of the last 7 days of positions from the analysis centers and are in decimal degrees and elevation is in meters, where "elevation" is the vertical topocentric distance from the reference ellipsoid to the antenna reference point (ARP). See CORS for legal positions.

**Station position based on the most recent full 7 days of final orbit solutions available, with the reported epoch being the middle day of this 7 day period.

Local Weather Data
METAR: K87Q DATE: unavailable
COND: unavailable TEMP: unavailable
HUMIDITY: unavailable WIND: unavailable
Station Health Details
System Date Detail
Last Data Archived 2019-03-22 00:24:33 p2780800.19_
Last Data Received 2019-03-22 00:13:33 p2780800.19_
Last Rx Comms 2019-03-22 12:52:57 V1: 12.825 V2: 0.0 28.0 C

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