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LAPC - Maintenance
LAPC Equipment & Maintenance
Equipment List
Equipment Name Equipment Catalog Type Model Serial Number UNAVCO ID Date Installed
AC BACK PANEL GENERIC AC BACK PANEL N/A 24782 2010/01/18 6:00:00 pm
GPS Antenna CHOKE_RING_ANTENNA Ashtech gps antenna CR519991789 51696 1999/08/11 6:00:00 am
GPS RECEIVER GPS_RECEIVER NETRS 4641123512 22978 2007/03/06 7:00:00 am
MODEM CDMA Wireless Modem - 2 SIMS cards available LT62220270021026 34399 2016/10/25 8:01:00 pm
Maintenance Activity
Maintenance log is only available through VPN access or internal network.

Last modified: Saturday, 24-May-2014 01:18:38 UTC


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