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CN49 - Health | COCONet Station Page
CN49 Station Health Station Type: GPS
Station Information
4-Char ID: CN49 - GPS
Station Status: Installed / Operable
Station Name: CN49_Ave_VEN2015
Project: COCONet
Location (City, State): ,
Latitude, Longitude: 15.667, -63.618
Elevation: 5 m
Monument Type: BUILDING ROOF
Station Install Date: 2015/05/27
Monument Install Date: N/A
Current Status: Failure
Station Health Details
System Date Detail
Last Data Archived 2017-08-29 23:59:45
Last Data Received Unavailable
Last Rx Comms Unavailable V1: 0.0 V2: 0.0 0.0 C
Tools & Reports
Station Report: Text File Installation Report: VPN or Internal Access Only
Interactive Plotting Tool: Interactive Tool
Data Flow Configuration(s)
Session Archive Auto Comms Order Command
Local Weather Data
METAR: TRPM DATE: unavailable
COND: unavailable TEMP: unavailable
HUMIDITY: unavailable WIND: unavailable
Health & QC Plots
PBO QC Statistics for ALL GPS Stations

The Following stats are generated using TEQC QC summary values per valid 'a' session PBO file. Counts less than 100 are rounded up to 100 to be represented as histogram minimum value (0.1).

Green bar shows PBO average value.

Session a (15 sps) Quality Control Data, Graphs and Histograms (view complete history)
Year DOY Date Filename Pos Obs Comp Obs Percentage MP1 MP2 QC Report Data Gap
Year DOY Date Filename Pos Obs Comp Obs Percentage MP1 MP2 QC Report Data Gap

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