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QSEC - Data

Position Time Series for GPS Station QSEC

  • Unfiltered Data

    Position files contain GPS monument positions calculated from station RINEX data. The POS format files are comprehensive, while the simpler CSV format files are easily used for plotting in Excel, etc.. Data are available in both the NAM08 and ISG08 reference frames.

  • Detrended Data

    Detrended position files contain the same data as the unfiltered position CSV files, but with a linear trend removed to better show position residuals. Only data for the NAM08 reference frame are detrended.

  • Static Plots
    • Plot Viewer:
      • Processed
        Most Recent Data Times Series Plot.
      • Cleaned
        Most Recent Cleaned Data Times Series Plot.
      • Detrended
        Most Recent Detrended Data Times Series Plot.
      • QA
        Most recent QA Time Series Plot.

    Time series plots of the data in the Unfiltered and Detrended CSV files, with a Cleaned plot showing detrended data with large residuals removed. Clicking on the arrow buttons on the pop-up plot window cycles through the different plot types.

  • Interactive Plots

    Interactive tool that allows users to generate custom time series plots showing GPS station position (unfiltered, detrended or cleaned), state of health (SOH), quality control (QC), and receiver voltage and temperature. Output options include line plots, scatter plots and csv files.

Data Products for GPS Station QSEC

  • IGS Site Logs
    • Downloads :

    The IGS site log is an ASCII-format standard for publishing key metadata for a permanent GPS station, including location, equipment history and contact information.


    RINEX files are the de-facto ASCII standard for sharing GPS data. They contain a metadata header and sufficient observation information for post-processing.

  • RAW

    Receiver files contain the raw binary data collected by a GPS receiver, including data not typically used for processing. The format is either open-format BINEX or is specific to the receiver manufacturer.

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