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Monumentation & Ancillary Equipment

UNAVCO designs, engineers, installs, and advices on GPS/GNSS monumentation and associated ancillary hardware and equipment for permanent stations.


Monumentation Types support GPS or GNSS antennas and are chosen depending on the type of project, whether permanent, long-term, or campaign site occupations.

Ancillary Equipment

Power & Enclosures are optimized to provide continuous or cycled power through a variety of environmental conditions and include a combination of: solar, battery, AC, wind, fuel-cells and timing systems protecting key equipment from the weather.

Field Computers & Digitizers are used to help support borehole instrumentation, e.g. to convert the analog borehole sensor signals to digital format for transmission via the Internet or other common communication methods.

Timers are used to schedule the power provided to electronic devices at sites.

Web Cams are installed for weather observations, animal or human incursions, or other monitoring at sites.


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