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Borehole Seismometers

UNAVCO installed and maintains more than 70 borehole seismometers as the PBO Borehole Seismic Network with sites located from Vancouver Island to Southern California, including Yellowstone. Most borehole seismometer installations in this network are co-located with borehole strainmeters, but a few are stand alone. The sensors are Sonde-2 seismometers. This sensor uses three 2-Hz geophones in a tri-axial configuration. Eight sites in the Anza, California region also utilize a type of microelectomechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer, again, three in a tri-axial configuration. A borehole seismometer unit installed at a proper depth allows for the detection and location of microseisms that can be missed by a surface seismometer. The data set generated by the PBO Borehole Seismic Network has become an integral component to research being done in regional seismic networks, such as those in Anza, California, and Yellowstone National Park.


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